“The first step in teaching students to innovate is making sure that educators have opportunities to be innovators themselves.” – Suzie Boss

Innovation is the key to greatness. We at CKCET, ensure our students get innovative coaching by our faculties through the Program “Win@Life”. We understand that great human beings build a great nation and therefore the World. We believe winning at life doesn’t come through academic excellence but by Character and Attitude Building. We have understood that success was not about earning a handsome income but about living happily. Hence, we ensure that our students undergo stories-based classes every day. We keep them aware of the Character and Attitude required to be successful in life.

By the time students step out of our college, they will be well prepared to take their destiny in their hands rather than leaving it for others to decide.

“You can’t teach from an empty well”

Our faculties put consistent efforts to upgrade themselves daily under our Program “Invest in yourself”.

They put relentless efforts to learn the latest developments practiced by the Industry to coach our students to be future-ready. As a student, you will go through very differentiated Industry-ready Programs that will enable you to be readily employable.

Our Functional Development Centers designed by partnering with state-of-the-art providers like TVS Haritha, UI Path and many more equips students with specialized skill sets in the field of RPA, IOT, Engineering Designing. This helps to bridge the gap between today’s Industry and Academic Learning.

To top it all, CKCET is being patronized by Cavinkare Group which remains as the guiding force for faculty and students in providing a deeper understanding of the Businesses.