Educational Qualification

B.E Civil Engineering P.S.N.A College of Engineering &Technology 1992
M.Tech Water Resources Engineering and Management National Institute of Technology Trichirapalli 2005
Ph.D Geotechnical Engineering Anna University 2016


June2004 to June 2005        01 Assistant Executive Engineer Agriculture Department
July 1990 to

July 1995

      05 Lecturer Tmt.Elizabeth Polytechnic, Annamangalam, Perambalur District
June2005 to

June 2007

     02 Assistant Professor Christian College of Engineering& Technology, Oddanchatrm
June 2007 to


     04 Assistant Professor R.V.S College of Engineering & Technology, Dindigul
July 2011 to

Nov 2014

   03y 4m Associate Professor N.P.R College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul
Dec 2014 to


  01y 5m Associate Professor R.V.S School of Engineering & Technology, Dindigul
May2016 to

Till Date

  03y1m Professor CK College of Engineering and Technology



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  1. A.Hemalatha “Experimental Study on Vettriver Fiber As Strengthening Agent In Concrete” International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology, Volume 5, Issue XI, November 2017.
Title of the Course Start Date End Date Duration (Weeks) University/


Environmental Geotechnology July18 Oct18 12 Weeks IIT Madras NPTEL
Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering Jan19 Mar19 08Weeks IIT Kanpur NPTEL
STEPATHON4/332245 03 January, 2018 08Weeks SP/20180103065939/1064739


  1. Indian Geotechnical Conference Attended and presented paper at IISC Bangalore.13-15 Dec 2018.
  2. International conference on Advancement in Engineering Science and Technology. Presented paper held on 31stMarch 2018.
  3. National Conference on Technical Revolution on 15thFebruary2018 at Anantrao Pawar    College of Engineering and Research, Parvati, Pune.
  4. International Convention on Dissemination of Innovative Research in Science Engineering Technology Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 11th– 12th Mar 2017 Presented paper.
  5. International conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Management 2015  presented paper.


Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures Course Material  –


  1. Innovative Technological Research & Dedicated Teaching Professional Award in Malaysia

Google Scholar citation:

H-Index – 4   I10 – Index    – 3


Dept. of Civil Engg.


 All construction materials, Soil and water Testing 09.05.2016 to Till Date

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended:

  1. Two Day Workshop on Recent Trends in Geo Technical Engineering in NITT on 7th– 8th June 2019
  2. One day Seminar in Collaboration with NAAC Role of IQAC in Improving Academic and Administrative Audit at RMK Engineering College on 29thApr 2019.
  3. QIP on “Soft Computing Techniques in Water Resources and Management” at IIT, Mumbai19 – 23 Nov 2017.
  4. One day work shop Outcome based Education by NBA at CKCET 20thDec 2017.
  5. One day Workshop on Sustainable Quality Assurance at CKCET on 27thSep 2017.
  6. Introduction to Structural Engineering in IIT Kharagpur 30thNov 2015 to 9th Jan 2016.
  7. Engineering on Soft Ground one day seminar on NIT Trichy 21stOct 2016
  8. One day FDP on Glimpses of Engineering Metallurgy on CKCET 17thDec 2016
  9. One day Workshop on IQAC at CKCET 29thJune 2016
  10. Two week ISTE STTP on Environmental Studies  conducted by IIT Bombay. From 2ndto 12th Jun 2015.
  11. Two week ISTE Workshop on Fluid Mechanics conducted by IIT Kharagpur from 20thto 30th May 2014.
  12. Two day ISTE Workshop on Aakash for Educationconducted by IIT Bombay on 10thand 11th Nov 2012.
  13. International Workshop on Sustainable Education in Global Engineering Curricula at PSNACET on 15thSep 2011
  14. FDP on “Geosynthetics Application in Geotechnical Engineering” at PSNACET, on 18thand 19th April 2011.
  15. One day Workshop on Structural Steel Design Using IS- 800-2007 Code Provision on 5thFeb 2010.
  16. Two days Seminar on Management Research Methodologies held between 25thand 26th Apr 2009.

Lectures Delivered  Outside CKCET:

As a Resource person for one day workshop on “Soil Mechanics” Dhanalakshmi Sreenivasan Engineering College, Perambalur. One day
Acted as co-chair For the topic Ground Improvement Techniques. National Institute of Technology. Trichy 10thand 11th March2017
Took seminar on Dynamics of soils and Foundation IGS National Institute of Technology. Trichy 14th October 2017
Acted as reviewer for internal Paper Presentation VRS College of Engineering and Technology, Villupuram 24th Feb 2018


Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Life Member
Indian Society for Hydraulics (ISH) Life Member
Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) Life Member
Indian Congress Institute(ICI) Life Member
IGS Trichy Students Chapter (IGS) Students Chapter for Department