Digital Learning

The Management of CKCET recognizes that the growing demands of the Engineering sector require future engineers to be highly skilled in the field of Digital Technology. Hence, the campus has an IoT (Internet of Things) Lab and a Robotic Process Automation Lab.

Internet of Things (IoT) Laboratory

IoT is the backbone of all the upcoming Industrial manufacturing technologies in the digital era. The Industries that are equipped with the 4.0 technologies are called “Smart Factories”. The IoT lab and its features will help students evolve and come up to speed with these technologies.

The laboratory has access to technologies such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino ESP8266 along with an exhaustive collection of sensors for varied applications.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Laboratory

As part of moving towards digital trends, many companies (both engineering & commercial sector) are moving towards automating the everyday process to increase productivity. For this purpose, companies are willing to provide a higher salary to engineers who can program and automate the process using RPA.

CKCET is in collaboration with UiPath, a leading company that provides a software system using .Net technology for automating workflows. Students are trained to use the UiPath studio to design and develop Soft Robots to automate workflow. This gives the opportunity for our students to explore high package job opportunities beyond the scope of their branch of study.