Educational Qualification

B.E Electrical and Electronics  Engineering Annamalai University 2001
M.E. Power Systems Annamalai University 2004
PH.D Remote Sensing Annamalai University 2017


13.05.13 to Till Date 2Years 10Months Asso. Professor CK College of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore
02.07.10 to 04.05.13 2Years 10Months Asso. Professor Akshyaa College of Engg & Tech
11.01.10 to 30.06.10 5 Months Lecturer Asan Memorial College of Engg & Tech, Chengalpattu
20.07.07 to 31.12.2007 2Years 5Months Lecturer Dr.MGR Educational Research Institute, Chennai
14.06.04 to 28.04.07 2Years 10Months Lecturer Krishnasamy College of Engg ,cuddalore



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  2. Dr.A.Arulvizhi, “IOT Based Smart System Gas Leakage Detection, Control And Prevention” ICRTSET, March 19.
  3. Dr.A.Arulvizhi, “Design and Implementation of Multi Purpose all Terrain HOVERCRAFT “ ,National Conference on Smart & Digital Electronic Systems (NCSDES 2017), April 2017.

Online Courses:

Title of the Course Start Date End Date Duration (Weeks) University/Organization Platform
Control Engineering 28.01.19 19.04.19 12 Weeks IIT Madras NPTEL
Introduction to Electromagnetism 06.08.15 29.09.15 8 weeks IIT Kanpur NPTEL

Seminar & Workshop Attended:

  1. FDP on Total Quality Management organised by Krishnaswamy Colleg of Engineering and Technology.
  2. ISTE Sponsored workshop on Research and Development in Engineering Institutions organized by Research Development Cell at Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology, Puducherry held on 13.09.2014.
  3. Society of Electrical Engineering organized National Seminar on “Modern Trends in Electrical Drives and Controls” held on 7th September, 2012 at Krishnasamy college of Engineering & Technology.
  4. Faculty development programme on “Scope of Research for Power Engineers” Organized by A.V.C College of Engineering from 21.11.2014 to 22.11.2014
  5. IET sponsored National workshop PETGEN on 28 January 2011 conducted by IETYPS Chennai network at Dr.MGR University.
  6. IET MGR CHAPTER sponsored seminar on “Smart Grids and Active Distribution Networks” at Dr.MGR University on 30th Nov 2009.
  7. National Seminar “Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Technology Transfer” Organised by Sri Manakula Vinayakar Engg College, Madagadipet.
  8. CSIR Sponsored seminar on “Fuzzy Logic Technologies in Industrial Applications” organized by Kongu Engg College.


Indian Society of Technical Education Life Member