Educational Qualification

B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering Krishnasamy College of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore 2007
M.E. Optical Communication Alagappa Chettiar Govt. College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi 2009
M.B.A., General Pondicherry University 2012


3.7.2009 to 20.5.2010 11 Months Lecturer S.Veerasamy Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Puliyangudi, Tirunelveli-Dt
31.5.2010 to Till Date 9 Year  1 Month Assistant Professor CK College of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore.



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Online Course:

Title of the Course Start Date End Date Duration (Weeks) University/Organization Platform
RPA developer Foundation training 17.12.18 18.1.19 4 Weeks Ui path Academy UI Path
Introduction to IoT 28.01.19 19.4.19 8 weeks NPTEL IoT
Microprocessors and Microcomputers Self-Paced Udemy Microprocessors

Seminar, Workshop Attended:

  1. One day training course on ISO 9001:2008 awareness course at CKCET, Cuddalore, 01.07.2011
  2. One day training course on ISO 9001:2008 Internal Audit course at CKCET, Cuddalore, 21.12.2011
  3. Three days training program on “Stress management through pranayama & Meditation” at CKCET Cuddalore, 3.10.13 to 5.10.13.
  4. Two day workshop on “Effective Mentoring & Self – Management leadership through NLP” at CKCET, 15.6.15 to 16.6.15
  5. Skill Development program on “ Research methodology” organised by IEEE madras section at CKCET on 17.10.15
  6. One day workshop on “ IQAC- an Integrated Approach” at CKCET, 29.6.16
  7. Two day Faculty development program on “Emotional Intelligence for Teachers through NLP” at CKCET, 21.6.2016 to 22.6.2016.
  8. One Day hands on training workshop on “ Video lesson Preparation” organized by teaching and learning centre of NIT, Tiruchirapalli on 9.12.2016
  9. One week faculty development on “Circuit Analysis” organized by Centre for faculty development at University College of Engineering, Villupuram from 1.12.2017 to 7.12.2017.
  10. TEQIP sponsored Three days short term training program on “PC assembling and troubleshooting” ACCET, Karaikudi from 17.9.2007 to 19.9.2007.
  11. Five day Faculty development Program “Mission 10X” organized by Wipro at National Engineering college, Kovilpatti.
  12. Two day Workshop on “Various Network Simulation tools” at CSI College of Engineering and Technology, ooty
  13. One day workshop on “Innovation in the field of Embedded systems and DIP/DSP using LabView” at CKCET.
  14. One day workshop on “Recent trends in Embedded system technology” at Krishnasamy College of engg & Tech, Cuddalore.
  15. One day workshop on “swarm intelligence: Design of filters” at CKCET, cuddalore
  16. Five day training program on “Instructional design and delivery systems” conducted by NIITTR at CKCET, Cuddalore.
  17. Two day CSIR sponsored seminar on “Research direction in Computational intelligence and its applications” at CKCET cuddalore.
  18. One day workshop on “The crux of research, funding and publishing” at Kongunadu college of Engg & Tech, Thottiyam.


Indian Society for Technical Education Life Member(LM72494) Life
Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers) Associate Member(AM101000583872) 2019 – 2022