Department of Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities is set up to cater the needs of budding engineers. It consists of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English disciplines, forming a strong foundation for other engineering courses.

The Department organizes periodic guest lectures and motivation programs by inviting eminent scholars and professors across the Industry to deliver lectures in an Engineering approach. The Department also follow various teaching methodologies like video lectures, practical demonstrations, live classes, etc. Faculty members of the Department are dedicated to upgrading themselves through online courses, Publications in National and International conferences, Knowledge sharing sessions.

The Department’s Student Association “Young CKReator’s” provides numerous opportunities for students to expose their talents by participating in various activities like paper and poster presentation, workshop, seminar, conference, competitions like mini project, quiz, drawing, essay, poetry, puzzles, on-spot events, sports, etc.

Each classroom is furnished with LCD Projector, Camera and supporting ambience like working models, charts, demonstration kits, etc. Students are given soft skills training to develop their interpersonal skills and are counseled by external experts to overcome the challenges they face.

Quality Policy

The Department of Science and Humanities strives hard to achieve academic excellence in foundation engineering by providing quality and value-based education to the students.


The Department is equipped with the following laboratories:

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab

Department Library

The Department Library has more than 300 reference and textbooks based on 2013 and 2017 regulations of Anna University and AICTE. Also, students are given the provision to refer e-Books, Journals and Magazines.

The Department of Science and Humanities has been conducted Student's Association Program to bring out the potentiality of every first year engineering student to prove their individuality and uniqueness among all the students. Students have shown their hidden and amazing talents during the programs.

Science and Humanities 2018-2019

SL.NO Program Date Description/ Activity/Topic Speaker
1 Induction Program
(Essay, Drawing, Quiz competition, Fun Game, Short story, Debate, Singing)
06.08.2018 to 20.08.2018
  • To get rid of stage fear, undestand and accept their talents.
Mr S. Muthukumaran HoD, Mr. S. Rajasekar, Literary Coordinator and Faculty Members
2 Motivational Program on‘Next Mile” 20.08.2018
  • To create the greatest vision among the students, the chief guest lectured on “Life Skills”.
Mr. S. Pugazhenthi, Founder & Chairman, Bodhi Garden School, Pondicherry.
3 JADE- Soft Skill Training Programme (Odd & Even) 10.09.2018- 15.09.2019& 22.01.2019- 25.01.2019
  • Diagnostic test for the students, Communication skills, Dictation, Grammar, Listening, Reading, SWOT Analysis, Motivation, Attitude and Human relations, Study Techniques, Importance of Health, Coping with College life, Counseling to the students.
  • Mr. Emmanuel Anthony Das , 
  • Mr . Eugene Vincent, 
  • Mr. Ashok kumar, 
  • Mr. Mark Ray,  
  • Mr. R. Manjunath.
4 Association
Inauguration & Motivational,  Self Development program
  • Release of Student Magazine & Department Newsletter by the Chief Guest.
  • To face the upcoming challenges in the field of Engineering, a Skill Development program has been conducted on “Digital Age Challenges for Engineering Graduates”.
Mr. R. Subbarayan, BE; MIE; MISTE; LMQCFI; Consultant, Facilitator, Chennai.
5 Young Creators Students Association Photo Unity Day 31.10.2019
  • To bring out their passion for photography.
Mr. M.P. Ilayaraja with the support of Mr. S. Muthukumaran.
6 Young Creators Students Association- Poster Presentation & Mini Project 03.11.2018
  • Students were exhibited their innovations through presentations.
  • Mr S. Muthukumaran HoD, Mr. S. Rajasekar, Literary Coordinator and Faculty Members
7 Motivational Program to create the awareness about the importance of English 08.11.2018
  • To speak English fluently and how to write.
  • Mr. N. Ganesh MA; M.PHIL; Ph. D (SLET) AP of English, Pondicherry.
8 Young Creators SHine 19 Technical Events. 28.02.2019
  • Students enthusiastically participated in all the programs and own accolades.
  • Mr S. Muthukumaran HoD, Mr. S. Rajasekar, Literary Coordinator and Faculty Members
1 Dr. Prabhu.C M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Professor
2 Dr. C. JESURAJ M.Sc.,M.Phil.Ph.D Professor
3 Dr. VADIVEL NAIDU M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D Associate Professor
4 Dr.A. Sundaramoorthy M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor
5 Mr. S. RAJASEKAR M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed. Assistant Professor
6 Mrs. N. R. JAGADEESWARY M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor
7 Mr. A. PURUSOTHAMAN M.Sc.,M.Phil.. Assistant Professor
8 Mrs.R. ARUNA M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor
1 Dr. A. PRABHAKARAN M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ph.D. Professor
2 Dr. A. DHANDAPANI M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Associate Professor
1 Mrs. B. ANITHA M.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D). Associate Professor
2 Mrs. S. Perundevi M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor
3 Mrs. J. JEYA BUVANESWARI M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. R. RAJALAKSHMI M.Sc.,M.Phil.B.Ed. Assistant Professor
1 Dr. T. SWAMINATHAN M.A.,M.Phil., SET.,Ph.D Professor
M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3 Ms. J. DAYANA VINNARASI M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed. Assistant Professor
1 Mr. SENDHAMIZHAN. T M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed. Assistant Professor
1 Mrs. ARSHIYA KAUSAR S ME., Assistant Professor (CSE)
2 Mr.Sivaraman M ME., Assistant Professor (Mech)
3 Mr.Rajkamal K ME., Assistant Professor (AI&DS)