Clubs @ CKCET

The following clubs have been initiated at CKCET to enrich the leadership and interpersonal skills of our students. The coordinators of various clubs are listed below and are informed to organize functions under each clubs with necessary approvals from the management.  

Technical Clubs


 Photography Club  Mr. Daniel David,IIPC
 IOT Club  Mr. N. Manikannan, AP / ECE
 Robotics Club  Mr. M. Sathis Kumar, AP/EEE
 Electric Vehicle & PV Club  Mrs. S. Radhika, AP/EEE
Society of Automotive Engineers  Dr. R. Krishna Moorthy, AP / Mech
 AI Club   Mr. P. John William, AP / CSE
 M – App / W – App  Mrs. M. Subatradevi, AP/CSE
 RPA Club  Ms. C. Sudha, AP/ CSE
 Drone Club  Mr. P. Solomon Durai Raj, AP / MECH
 Green Eco Club  Mr. G. Adhithya vijay, AP/ CIVIL
Students Innovation Club  Dr. G. Mallieshwaran, ASP / Mech
Science  Club  Mrs. B. Anitha, AP/PHYSICS   &  Dr. A. Dhandapani, AP/ CHEMISTRY  
Non-Technical Club


Ravi Varma Creative club Ms. R. Surya, AP/MBA
Tamil Mandram  Mr. S. Panneer Selvam, AP / MECH
English Club  Ms. J. Dayna Vinnarasi, AP / ENGLISH
Social Welfare  Cub  Mrs. N. R. Jagadeeshwari, AP/ MATHS

Roles of Club Coordinator:

  • Encourage student registration in their designated clubs.
  • Identify and appoint student office bearers based on their technical/domain expertise.
  • Foster awareness and interest among students regarding specific technologies/domains to enhance their knowledge.
  • Mentor student coordinators in organizing technical activities and facilitating coordination among students to nurture leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Develop and present an action plan at the beginning of the Academic Year, along with an annual progress report at the year's end, to the Principal and Executive Director