Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

At CKCET, ED Cell was formed to impart our strategic intent for the well-being of the Student Community in turn to upgrade the Society. Social Entrepreneurship and Inclusivity – Introducing students with social entrepreneurship, this deals with issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality in society. ED Cell includes over 25% of the students from all the departments. As per the interest of students, various training sessions are organized by the college. Students get the appropriate guidance as per requirement and are promoted and motivated to form an enterprise.


To transform the students into ambitious and efficient entrepreneurs who can build a vibrant and sustainable National economy through engaging Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises across the country.


  • To inculcate the Entrepreneurial culture among the students and society.
  • To act as an institutional mechanism through conducting awareness programmes, and providing information on entrepreneurship to students and local community.
  • To spread entrepreneurship, through education, research and training, thus accelerating economic growth, by increasing the supply of new entrepreneurs and strengthen the performance of the existing ones.
  • To organize skills development programmes that increase capacity building to own and run a business.
  • To catalyze and promote Science and Technical knowledge-based enterprises and generate employment opportunities in innovative areas.
  • To identify possible resource-based projects in the region and to respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level.


  • To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through training programmes and camps.
  • To facilitate budding entrepreneurs by providing information on entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in product development, Market Survey, Preparation of Project Reports and assist them in getting Technical Feasibility Reports.
  • To help entrepreneurs to acquire necessary managerial skills to run the industry effectively.

Duties and Roles


The EDC will work under the supervision of the Principal and would be the supreme authority of the cell. The Principal shall guide the people who approach EDC for a technological based start-up about the feasibility and further direct the concerned person to the appropriate faculty member who can help in further development of the idea and make it into a venture. The Chairman’s office shall act as a link between the Technology Incubation Centre and the students/staff/alumni of CKCET who want to pursue their own technological venture. Chairman’s office with the assistance of Faculty Advisor shall bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization.

EDC Co-Ordinator

The EDC Coordinator carries the responsibility of running the cell. He/She is in charge of the daily running of the cell. The EDC Coordinator is the representative of the cell and shall propose implementable ideas in the best interest of the cell, and the people in general. All of the permissions for EDC shall go through the EDC Coordinator. The EDC Coordinator is responsible for efficient working of all the staff and student coordinators. The EDC Coordinator shall also act as the treasurer of EDC, and shall handle all finance related issues.

Coordinators are divided into two parts – Staff Coordinators & Student Coordinators. Both coordinators shall act as a student mentor panel, and shall mentor and guide the start-ups coming out. The Council of Staff & Student coordinators comprises of Corporate Relations, Events, Mentoring & Resources and Public Relations.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell