Department of Management Studies

The Department of Management Studies (MBA) was started in the year 2009. It is approved by AICTE and is affiliated to Anna University, Tamil Nadu.

The Department focuses on the development of holistic personality and managerial competencies among students through experiential learning methods. To make learning meaningful, students are given opportunities to exercise leadership through management associations and varied programs conducted in the Department.

The Department aims to provide quality education to aspiring management students by continuously improving the teaching-learning process with the help of faculty members. Our students, faculty members and researchers join hands with us to share their knowledge, developing better managers.

Quality Policy

To increase business acumen and enhance the skill set of students and help them view things from the business perspective and to produce industry-ready managers and young entrepreneurs.

Specialty of the Department

  • Executive interaction
  • Industrial Practical Knowledge Training (IPKT)
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Win @ Life sessions (Life science education)
  • Lifetime member in Madras Management Association

Clubs in our Department

Philip Kotler Marketing Club, Wall Street Finance Club and HR Club.

Objectives of these clubs:

  1. To train students for management careers
  • To offer MBA program with orientation to skill development.
  • To organize entrepreneurship awareness and development programs to promote entrepreneurship among students via EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell).
  • To encourage students to excel by providing counseling.
  • To organize programs for developing leadership among students.
  • To train students in socializing and taking part in programs of other institutes.
  • To undertake placement activity for achieving 100 percent placement.
  1. To develop teachers as researchers and consultants
  • To conduct Faculty Development Programmes (in-house).
  • To organize seminars/workshops/conferences for knowledge sharing.
  • To publish concept and empirical papers in Management Journals.
  • To provide sponsorship for teachers to attend external programs.
  1. To contribute to the welfare of the society
  • To organize management/entrepreneurship awareness and development programs to encourage students to join MBA program.
  • To conduct community service programs in collaboration with service organizations in urban and rural areas.

CKCET Management Association

The Association is formed with all the management students of the Institute to provide a forum for encouraging fraternity and learning. The Association organizes:

  •  Learning Programs – Guest lectures, factory visits, seminars and conferences.
  •  Development Programs – Workshops on Case analysis, Creativity, Soft Skills and Personality Development.
  •  Competitive Programs – Competitions in case analysis, investment project proposals, and summer project reports. These competitions will also be organized on a large scale by organizing management student meets.

MBA ACTIVITIES 2018-2019 Programme Date Description/ Activity/Topic Speaker / Resource person



20.09.2018 Release of Department Newsletter Mr. Karthik Balaraman, CEO, Ocean Academy, Puducherry
2 Alumni Guest Lectures 29.09.2018 Industry expectations from budding managers Mr. G. Karthickvel, Logistics Division, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.
10.11.2018 Hiring Trends Ms. Sarumathi, HR Executive – Rakiya Info. Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru

Industrial Guest Lectures

(Odd Semester)

24.09.2018 Competitive Advantages – Distinctive Competencies

Mr. V. Muthukumar,

Managing Partner, Elesquare Systems, Bengaluru

1 Dr. R. V. Suresh B.SC, M.B.A., PhD. Professor
2 Mr. S. Mahalingam B.E., M.B.A. Associate Professor
3 Ms. PAVITHRA K B.E., M.B.A. Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. R. Gowri B.Sc., M.B.A. Assistant Professor
5 Mr. G. KarthickVel B.E, M.B.A. Assistant Professor
6 Mrs. R. Suriya B.E., M.B.A. Assistant Professor
7 Ms. VAISHANAVI G B.E., M.B.A. Assistant Professor
8 Ms. KARTHIKEYAN V B.Tech., M.B.A. Assistant Professor
9 Ms. SUGAPRIYA V B.E., M.B.A. Assistant Professor