Hostel and Canteen

Quality of life is one of the most important factors considered by students deciding to stay in the College hostels. By quality, it is not just the rooms but the overall environment of the campus.

We, at CKCET, work hard to provide a wide choice in selecting the type of rooms in a hostel that will suit every budget, with the aim of providing a wonderful stay and the best possible learning environment.

The campus has canteen facility that provides students with highly nutritious food at affordable prices. The canteen menu offers many delicious items. The canteen has an indoor seating facility and is a quiet and comfortable space for students to study and socialize.

Life on campus helps students not only to study but also socialize with peers. Friendships formed on the campus last a lifetime. CKCET provides a comfortable and safe housing to all. Those living in the campus are encouraged to use the playground and all indoor gaming facilities.