Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 2002 with an intake of 60 students. The faculty members of the Department understand the importance of programming and how they make the students think and act differently. 

The Department has well-maintained computer systems as per the norms of AICTE and Anna University. All systems are connected to the Internet that has high bandwidth connectivity all round the clock, enriching the educational experience of students and faculty members.

The Lab is fully air-conditioned with about 500 systems and 5 nos of IBM Rack servers. All computer systems have original software installed in them pertaining to the curriculum. Students and faculty members can access the Internet whenever needed as we believe that the Internet is a positive step towards education.

Each classroom in the college is well-furnished with a LCD projector and computer system as part of our e-Learning process. The classrooms are Wi-Fi-enabled to encourage students in their learning process.

Faculty members and students are trained in emerging areas like RPA, AWS, Salesforce and IoT. Students are much more oriented towards latest technologies and faculty members are well-equipped to provide consultancy to industries.

The Department is continuously organizing seminars, symposiums, workshops and guest lectures on emerging technologies to enhance the knowledge of students and faculty members. The teaching and learning emphasizes on both theoretical as well as practical knowledge catering to the industrial needs.

Ui Path Academic Alliance

CKCET and UiPath, a leading solution provider for Robotic Process Automation are in an Academic Alliance for the benefit of the students and faculty members.

As a part of this academic alliance, the students and faculty members learn the latest advancements in the field of RPA and also develop various solutions required by global enterprises. This alliance is on a constant look out for potentials who can provide solutions to improve the efficiency of their everyday workflow and process. The ability to provide solution directly influences the employability options available to the students who graduate from CKCET.

As part of this academic alliance the students are trained to use UiPath System for various applications ranging from simple spreadsheet file to advanced SAP automation.

Quality Policy

To develop a system of excellence through outcome-based education and interdisciplinary research to move towards quality enhancement and to inculcate professional behaviour and commitment.


The Department is equipped with the following laboratories:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Lab
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Lab
  • Networks Lab
  • Graphics and Multimedia Lab
  • E-learning and Internet Lab
  • Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) Lab
  • Project Lab

Department Library

The Department Library has more than 300 books covering a wide range of subjects and several Journals including Database Systems, Software Engineering and Methodology, Operating Systems and Programming Languages, ACM Computing Surveys, International Journal for Neural Systems and Computational Intelligence and Applications, Software Engineering Notes, Operating System Review, Computer Communication Review and Computer Architecture News.

The Computer Science student's Association, “SparCK” provides opportunities to sharpen the skills of students by organizing guest lectures, seminars and student meets. The Alumni of the department deliver lectures on latest topic in the IT industry for updating the technical skill of the students by coordinating with the association.


SL.NO Programme Date Description/ Activity/Topic Speaker



02.08.2018 Student Magazine & Department Newsletter were released by Chief Guest

Mr. Balasubramaniyam D,

DC HR Head & Global Unit HR, Infosys, Chennai

2 Industrial Guest Lectures 02.08.2018 How to Succeed in IT Industry

Mr. Balasubramaniyam D,

DC HR Head & Global Unit HR, Infosys, Chennai

3 Alumni Guest Lectures 29.09.2018 Awareness on Recent Trends in IT Industries

Mr. Sivanantham, Senior Program Developer,

CTS Chennai.

4 International Conference 09.03.2019 International Conference on Recent Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology



Annamalai University, Chidambaram

5 Guest Lecture 12.01.2019 One Day Hands On Training On Internet Of Things


Asst Professor,

Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai

6 Industrial Guest Lecture 12.02.2019 Emerging Technologies in IoT

Mr.K.Siva ,

Project Developer ,

JP Infotech,


7 Alumni Guest Lectures 09.02.2019 Digital Technologies


Associate Lead ,

RoadMap IT Solutions, Pondicherry

8 Value Added Course




Two Days Hands-On- Training in “IOT Using Arduino and Raspberry”


Developer & Trainer in Cubix Technologies,


CSE Department

S. No  Faculty Name  Qualification   Designation
1 Dr. Santha Kumar D M.Tech., MBA., Ph.D., Professor & Head
2 Mr. Goplakrishnan S M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Associate Professor
3 Mrs. Elakiya V M.E., (Ph.D)., Associate Professor
4 Mr. Vimal Raja R M.Tech.,(Ph.D). Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Sudha C M.E., (Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
6 Ms. Revathy R M.E., Assistant Professor
7 Mrs. Subathiradevi M M.E Assistant Professor
8 Mr. John William P M.Tech.,(Ph.D). Assistant Professor
9 Mr. Sivaprakash T M.E.,(Ph.D). Assistant Professor
10 Mrs. Malathi R M.E Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Thiyagarajan V M.E Assistant Professor
12 Mrs. R. Tamizhkuzali M.E Assistant Professor

AI&DS Department

S. No  Faculty Name  Qualification   Designation
1 Mr. Ashiq Irphan K M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Associate Professor & Head
2 Mr. Ramesh K M.E Assistant Professor
3 Ms. B.S. Dharshini M.E Assistant Professor