Citizen Consumer Club

Investing in students and making them learn to handle various life situations will help them evolve as enlightened and honest citizens in the future. Teaching students to become responsible citizens, who carry out their fundamental duties as citizens without being told and questioned, if their rights are infringed, is the club’s common goal.

The Citizen Consumer Club works on the motivational zeal of consumer groups and on the case of creating awareness among the students at a very young age and through them the general public learns.


  • Provides learning on knowledge, attitude and skills needed to make a person a better customer.
  • Orients the students to consume products and services with an ethical and environmental conscience.
  • Helps the students to know their rights and duties while consuming the products and services.


“Aware! Alert! Act!”


A Rally was organized by the District Consumer Club on World Consumer’s Day. More than 50 CCC volunteers of CKCET participated in the event.