Computing Resources

The Institution has excellent IT infrastructure having 475 computers with LAN connections, among them 442 are designated for student’s use, while the remaining 33 are allocated for teaching and supporting staff members. The campus utilizes a fibre optic network with VLAN connectivity to interconnect all blocks, achieving a high-speed of 345 Mbps. The computers available have a maximum configuration with a core i7 processor, 32 GB of DDR5 RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of HDD storage. The highly advanced RACK AV/IBM/Intel servers are available in the server room to offer fast network access within the campus. The campus has a total of four Apple Mac laptops and thirteen Lenovo Tabs.    

Internet and Wi-Fi

CKCET has 24×7 internet facility with sufficient bandwidth of 345 Mbps. The computers in various blocks are interconnected via fibre optic cables using distribution switches. The entire campus, including the hostel building is equipped with Wi-Fi access points that provide connectivity to educational resources via both the internet and intranet services. All students and faculty members on campus have access to internet services, which offer unlimited data. 400 CCTV are installed in the campus to ensure the safety of the students. The institution offers web cams, Wacom boards, and Microsoft Teams for facilitating online classes. A sufficient number of classrooms and seminar halls are furnished with LCD projectors, Smart board, and LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity to strengthen the teaching learning process.


An exclusive e-mail ID is given for the students and faculty members to officially communicate with one another. Also, it helps to attend webinars, online courses, online classes and for various purposes as well. Specified Whatsapp group is created for all the students for instant communication and implementation. Video conferencing facility is used in the conference hall for the purpose of online academic meetings, governing council meetings and attending webinars and conferences. Faculty attendance is recorded by face recognition biometric device on daily basis. This attendance is reflected in GreytHR tool which also used to apply leave and download payslips. Faculty members are primarily benefitted in getting their salary, details of PF, income tax and their status. My Class Board (MCB) is utilized proficiently as a learning management system in connection with digital library.

Updating the IT facilities

The Institute updates its IT facility once in a year.  The number of computers in the laboratories has been updated from i3 configuration to i7 configuration to accommodate the increased intake of students and to meet the newest technological requirements mandated by regulations. The Institute maintains student-to-computer ratio is maintained at 3:1, and the bandwidth speed is frequently updated as follows.






 45 Mbps

45 Mbps

        45 Mbps

45 Mbps

345 Mbps

The number of computers has significantly risen from 400 (2018-2019) to 475 (2022-2023). Hence, the bandwidth is upgraded successfully from 45-345 Mbps. Computers and their auxiliary devices are acquired based on the essential software and hardware requirements.

ICT Facilities